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Tableau's Data Visualizations

Take advantage of Tableau's excellent data visualizations

Tableau is User friendly and easy to use

Layers of Interactive Data

Tableau can handle large amounts of data and is very interactive

Data populated through SAP BusinessObjects

All data is populated within BusinessObjects, using query capabilities that comes with Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports etc.

Tableau dashboards are viewed through web browser

Users logging into BusinessObjects will be viewing their Tableau dashboards through web browser

Access to SAP BusinessObjects Data

Users can access data through UNX/UNV, SAP HANA, BEx Query, SAP BW etc.

Automated Process

Automated process is set up so all Tableau Dashboards are refreshed based on scheduled times or triggered on an event ie: ETL process completed.

Data Security

All data is secure and users only see data specific for them. Centralize and control all data within SAP BusinessObjects.


$10/month per User or $20/month per CAL/CSBL


Install Tableau Server

Our specialists are Tableau certified and will a install Tableau Server test environment if not already in place. If do not have licensing, we can set up a Tableau Server evaluation test environment.

Install Tableau Connect

Our specialists will install and set up Tableau Connect within your BusinessObjects test environment.

Set up Integration

Working with internal resources, we will use existing Tableau dashboards or develop new Tableau dashboards for user community.

Distribute Tableau to Users

Once Tableau Connect has been installed, working with your internal resources, we can set up Tableau dashboards to be distributed. Automated through scheduled times or triggered on events - ETL process completes.

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