What is Data Governance?

Data governance is a principled approach to managing data during its life cycle, from acquisition to use to disposal. Every organization needs data governance. As businesses throughout all industries proceed on their digital-transformation journeys, data has quickly become the most valuable asset they possess. Senior managers need accurate and timely data to make strategic business decisions. Marketing and sales professionals need trustworthy data to understand what customers want. Procurement and supply-chain-management personnel need accurate data to keep inventories stocked and to minimize manufacturing costs. Compliance officers need to prove that data is being handled according to both internal and external mandates. And so on.

What are the benefits of data governance?

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Make better, more timely decisions

Users throughout your organization get the data they need to reach and service customers, design and improve products and services, and seize opportunities for new revenues.

Improve cost controls

Data helps you manage resources more effectively. Because you can eliminate data duplication caused by information silos, you don’t overbuy—and have to maintain—expensive hardware.

Enhance regulatory compliance

An increasingly complex regulatory climate has made it even more important for organizations to establish robust data governance practices. You avoid risks associated with noncompliance while proactively anticipating new regulations.

Earn greater trust from customers and suppliers

By being in auditable compliance with both internal and external data policies, you gain the trust of customers and partners that you will protect their sensitive information, so they feel positive about doing business with you.

Manage risk more easily

With strong governance, you can allay concerns about exposure of sensitive data to individuals or systems who lack proper authorization, security breaches from malicious outsiders, or even insiders accessing data they don’t have the right to see.

Allow more personnel access to more data

Strong data governance allows more personnel access to more data, with the confidence that these personnel get access to the right data and that this democratization of data does not negatively impact the organization.

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