Populate millions of rows of data for Power BI or Tableau in seconds

Take advantage of SAP Universes and Web Intelligence Queries Leverage security and access data from multiple Web Intelligence reports or Universes

Better informed decisions through the power of data


User Experience

➤ Schedule snapshot anytime and as often as you want...or on demand

➤ Create snapshots of Web Intelligence reports that queries various Universes

➤ User can combine all this data together in Power BI, which is powerful

New functionality

➤ Snapshot is timestamped and can be used for aggregation or time dimension

➤ Security & SSO – All credentials for users is required

➤ If use SAP Hana, take advantage of Web Intelligence query capabilities

Compatibility with the cloud

➤ Works well with Data Flows and Gateways

Why is this important?

➤ Millions of rows of data within seconds or instantaneously

➤ Take advantage of query capabilities with SAP Web Intelligence and Universes

➤ Create amazing stories with significant levels of data

$240 per user for subscription license


BI LaunchPad FIORI

New HTML5 appearance

Enhanced usability

Improved functionality

Intuitive user experience

Web Intelligence Query Capabilities

Reuse of the query layer

Dynamic functionality

Applicability of platform security

Populate millions of rows in seconds

Reimagined design and display environment

Greater interaction

Harmonized with the new SAP product suite

New functionality and features

Adaptation to the cloud

Live Data Access from the Cloud

Hybrid user management

Integration with the SAP Analytics Hub

New data sources available

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