Big Data & DW

Unlock the full value of your enterprise information

We are experts in Big Data and data warehousing technologies derived from our analytics practice over the past 18 years and have proven experience in the implementation of data governance solutions for our clients. Team up with us and we will ensure we implement the right solution for your organization.

  • Simplify:Eliminate staging databases or intermediate calculation, aggregates, and storage
  • Accelerate: Use in-memory computing for real-time access and applications
  • Predict: Get built-in support for predictive algorithms and streams
  • Move to the cloud: Transition to infrastructure-as-a-service


Obtain accurate insights at lightning speed with the high-performance in-memory platform, SAP HANA — a powerful combination of robust software and hardware.

  • Readily master text, geospatial, and other complex data
  • Solve ad hoc queries without complex pre-calculation or star schemas
  • Capture data and events without intermediate databases
  • Access data in-place and from many sources — with SAP HANA Smart Data Access

Quickly and easily enable real-time, in-context business decisions for everyone, while simplifying your IT landscape — with big data.

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