Move to the latest and best version of the SAP BI platform

By updating your on-premise installation to the most recent version of BI 4.3, you will enjoy a redesigned environment, added functionality, and enhanced interactivity with the cloud at a lower TCO.


User Experience

➤ Significant improvements in usability, self-service, mobility, and stability.

➤ Greater speed, agility, and homogenized design with the SAP product suite.

➤ Leverage on-premises content for greater BI consistency and reliability.

New functionality

➤ Instant update of information from a larger number of sources.

➤ Improved access to data from On-Premise universes.

➤ Enhanced integration with MS Office.

Compatibility with the cloud

➤ Reuse of Web Intelligence documents to build new “stories” in SAP Analytics Cloud.

➤ Migration of current use cases affected by Flash "End of life" to SAP Analytics Cloud.

➤ Easy transfer of current users to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Better adoption at lower costs

➤ Simplified environment and very easy to learn, without the need for long training courses.

➤ Gradual and safe journey to the cloud at a manageable pace and without loss of functionality.

➤ Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) in software updates.

➤ Cost reduction in content creation while preserving the existing investment made.


BI LaunchPad FIORI

New HTML5 appearance

Enhanced usability

Improved functionality

Intuitive user experience

WebIntelligence data model

Reuse of the query layer

Dynamic functionality

Applicability of platform security

WebIntelligence 4.3

Reimagined design and display environment

Greater interaction

Harmonized with the new SAP product suite

New functionality and features

Adaptation to the cloud

Live Data Access from the Cloud

Hybrid user management

Integration with the SAP Analytics Hub

New data sources available

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